Stephen A. Hubbs, P.E.

Stephen A. HubbsMr. Hubbs retired from the Louisville Water Company (LWC) in 2004 as Vice President of Water Quality and Production. His career at LWC encompassed areas of public water supply research, planning, operations, and executive management. His final project at LWC combined the sciences of bank filtration with tunneling, winning the American Society of Civil Engineers “Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement” award in 2011, the first time this award has been presented for a water supply project (and beating out the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium!).

While at LWC Hubbs chaired American Water Works Association Research (AwwaRF) Advisory Council, the American Water Works Association (AWWA) Technical Advisory Group, and the Partnership for Safe Water (focusing on operational excellence for water treatment plants). Work at AWWA and AwwaRF focused on all elements of public water supply and disease prevention, including microbial disease and disinfection by-products.

Since retiring, he has worked as a consultant to public water supply utilities, conducted research in comparative water-related health risk impacts, and continued to work with AWWA. He also serves as a volunteer to several groups focusing on disease reduction through improved water supplies. He has worked in Ukraine, Ghana, Honduras, Ecuador, Australia, and rural Alaska on projects through NATO, WHO, Engineers Without Borders, Sister Cities International, and Water for People. His current passion is to promote drinking water disinfection throughout Central and South America, and to provide the disease metrics to quantify the resulting public health benefits.

Perspectives Articles byline:
Steve Hubbs retired from water treatment operations at the Louisville Water Company in 2004. He remains an active volunteer in the drinking water community today.