Achieving the Water & Sanitation SDG: Role of the Global Water Pathogen Project

Degrees of Clean: Consumer Cleaning Products Defined

Disinfection and Green Cleaning: Guiding Principles for Healthy Public Buildings

Drinking Water Chlorination White Paper: A Review of Disinfection Practices and Issues

Developments and advances in chlorine chemistry have shaped the treatment of drinking water and public health in the US for over 100 years. This drinking water chlorination white paper reviews chlorination technologies used to reduce the risks of waterborne diseases; the challenge of disinfection byproducts; chlorine water system security and the future of chlorine disinfection.

Pool Treatment 101 (PDF)

Mastering the knack of maintaining a healthy pool is not difficult with the right information and a little diligence. The proper use of chlorine is a key step to keep your pool healthy.

The Precautionary Principle Under Fire

Water Quality & Health Council member Fred M. Reiff, a former official of the Pan American Health Organization/ World Health Organization describes his first-hand observation of a 1991 cholera epidemic in Peru that spread to other Latin American countries. Reiff traces the cause of the outbreak to a misinterpretation of risks associated with disinfection, and warns against the inappropriate use of the Precautionary Principle.