We were just given a larger above ground pool and would like to get everything ready so that we can use it next summer. I know that we can buy new pieces to hold the liner in place, but my husband is concerned about the rust that exists on the metal walls. I have looked around to find some answers, but would like an honest opinion about whether or not it is worth investing in the liner and other miscellaneous parts we will need to make this work. We already have a filter that we can use so we can avoid that expense. Can we set this up and then coat the inside and outside of the walls with something to help prevent more rust? Should we even bother with this or just invest in a brand new pool?


If the structure is sound, the rust should not prevent you from using it, though it may indicate a longer term durability issue. You can also find paints that will help to prevent further rust if you want to do that. A good cleanup and removing as much of the rust as possible might be all that is needed.