We just started to open are pool for the summer. it is very green, we did use algecide..we used some chlorine and we did use some shock we have been running the filter for about 3 days now and no change in did have alot of live bug and stuff when we started but they are gone now, it just looks like dark water, it looked greenish when i started scooping out the leaves but now it comes out cleanish.. I have scooped out a bunch of leaves and debris. can you help..please.. it is an intex above ground pool 15×18 we found a frog in it while cleaning it.


Unfortunately, clean up of this extent is not typically quick and can be labor intensive. Once the large debris is gone, top up the water and get it balanced and start adding algaecide for green or all algae as well as chlorine (be carefull to follow instructions carefully for algaecide as it may go in particular order with your chlorine). The water balance and filtering should clear it up, but again it is not a particularly quick process. It may take a few days to clear up from this point. If it is not improving daily, you should check the filter. It may need to be cleaned or not getting enough pressure, etc. Proper filtration along with the chemical treatments is the key to your recovery.

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