We just shocked our pool and put in the drop out yesterday. It’s pretty and clear now, but my husband had to get in it to scrub the walls to get the stuck on green stuff off. While he was doing that, I checked the levels of the water and the chlorine was over 10, salt was only about 1650, and something else was really, can’t remember what it was. Anyway, when he got out and took a shower, after the shower he broke out into a cold sweat and has a headache. What are the chances the pool water caused that and should he be okay? Help!?


There is a small chance that he experienced sensitivity to the high levels of chlorine (which if reading 10 could have been well above 10). Could be a combination of that and heat as well as many parts of the country are well above average temps. He should be fine, but if the symptoms persist, see a physician.