We just put up a 14’x 48" round intex pool, using a Krystal Clear Saltwater System. When I use the test strips, it shows Copper is OK, Free Chlorine is OK, but pH is off the chart high – bright pink/red, and Alkalinity is high – emerald green. I read that I should add a pH decreaser, so I did (following the directions on the pH minus). It’s been several hours since I did that. It still shows high pH and Alkalinity.

How long do I have to wait to add more? Is there something else I should be doing? And, how high of pH and Alkalinity is TOO high for my kids to play in the pool (they’re more than excited to get in there!)?



Typically you will want to wait at least 4 hours before adding another dose. As far as letting the kids in, it is probably safe now. The high pH may cause irritation to skin and eyes and if that is the case, stop swimming. However, high pH and alkalinity may have no affect on them at all, especially when it is just slightly high.