We just installed a 12 foot above ground pool and as we live in the country and have a well, for fear of burning up the pump, we only ran the pump for 15 minutes or so, every couple of hours, and therefore it took us a day and a half to fill it.
When it finally was full the water became rather cloudy and had a green cast to it. I put in some shock and a clorine tablet which did not seem to help. After I tested the water and the PH and Clorine levels normalized with no change, I was told that I needed to use some Muratic acid so I bought a safe form of it called Magic and put in twelve ounces, as instructed, yesterday and again today, but the water is still cloudy and has a yucky tint to it. What can I do to clear the water up?
Thank you Darl Mills


Sounds like you may have metals present in the water. If chlorine is not clearing up the problem, try adding a metal/stain remover to get rid of metals that will cause water discoloration and perhaps staining if left untreated.