We just filled our 16 by 32 inground pool with well water. It was a dark green we added metal free and it lightened up. How long do I wait until I can put more in as it seems to help. Also when can I start adding other chemicals? I heard adding chlorine to this type of water can turn it brown. Should I add an algeside. I guess I need a step by step to treat well water. Thanks so much


You should only have to wait 2 to 4 hours between dosages of metal treatment. If it is still clearing it up, I would continue adding that until it clears. An algaecide may be a good idea as well. Do not add chlorine until you are sure the metal remover is no longer removing metals as chlorine will oxidize the metals into a staining form that can adhere to surfaces and cause rust looking stains. Once the metal remover treatment is done, then start with chlorine (and perhaps algaecide).