we just filled a 14′ x 48" pool. our water has iron in it, we had about 3" of our water in it. The water company that filled it said it would not make a difference because he was putting another 4800 gallons of his water in it. now the whole pool is green. He said it is our water that caused the green. we shocked it and noithing changed in 24 i need a iron out chemical and what is the name of it?


Green does not usually indicate a response from iron in the water. Iron tends to make water more rust colored and red or brown color. If it is an iron problem, you can add any metal remover product that indicates for removal of iron. The exact brand varies from region to region and even at some stores. Because the water is green, I would be more inclined to believe it is algae related and therefore an algaecide may also be needed. You may also want to test (or have tested) the phosphate and nitrate levels which will contribute to green water.