We have a Summer Escapes pool, 18′ across by 4′ deep. The cover got torn over the winter so the water turned very dark green. I put in one gallon of shock at the beginning of the summer and the water turned very clear, but our tree overhead dropped a bunch of helicopters in it. It got cold out so I wasn’t able to clean them out and we started floating the chlorine tablet dispenser in it. The water turned cloudy and then green again. We haven’t been able to get it clear again and still haven’t been able to swim in it. I read online that the tablets aren’t good because they put too much CYA in the water so I took the dispenser out.

This morning the water tested high for PH, FC, and CYA but when I tested this evening everything is low again. Any ideas what we can do?


A combination of shock to get the water in the right chlorine range and algaecide specific to green algae will work well to get the pool clear quickly.