We have a small 5000 gallon inground pool (PVC Shell) with the two seats
on either end of the pool. This year, we cannot get the water into a clean and clear shape, and it remains cloudy, after shock, ph up, baking soda/powder (you know) chlorine and clear water treatments but to no avail……Our ph looks to be in normal range but our chlorine when we do the chemical test is yellow, as I believe we over chlorinated the pool.

Any guidance and recommendation would be well received!!

Thank you,


It is possible that you do not have enough chlorine and that when you add chlorine it is being used up, which is why you are still getting a yellow chlorine reading. It may also indicate as you suggested a high level. There is an easy way to find out. Take a small sample of about 1 cup of water out of the pool. Add a couple of drops of bleach and mix. If you now get a chlorine reading, you do not have enough. If it turns yellow, you have confirmed the bleaching effect of having too much chlorine. The cloudiness could also be due to high hardness levels or high total dissolved solids (TDS). These can be compounded by a high pH level.