We have a 15’x42" round pool. We are on well water. We noticed the sides feeling a bit slimy and decided to test and shock. The chlorine levels were pretty much non existent. When we shocked it the water immediately started to turn green/brown. I have been rinsing filter to clean but the insides of the filter area are staining brownish color the filter itself does rinse clean of the brown debris. I was hoping it would have cleared by this morning. It is almost like the particles are just floating in the water causing the color but when I take a sample it looks clear. Now the pH levels are over 8.0 and the chlorine is over 6.0 where as before shocking everything was reading perfectly normal other than needing chlorine. I am going to vacuum it today to hopefully clean the sides and bottom in the hopes that it will look more clear again and remove some of the particles floating in it. Are the particles dead algae? Or would it be a copper issue? We did use an algaecide but I do not believe it was copper based. What should we be doing to return the chlorine and pH levels to normal and what is the fastest way back to clear water rather than our pool looking like a swamp? Thanks in advance.


This is probably a metal issue. Try adding a metal remover and keeping your filter clean (may need to replace the cartridge) to remove the particulate causing the cloudy water and discoloration.