We have 18X36 vinyl pool. This is our 4th year with it and for the first time we haven’t been able to get the water clear. It has been cloudy and green algae keeps forming. Here’s what we’ve done:

– Pool store told us based on our sample that our Cyanuric Acid level was too high and we needed to drain the water (leaving some at the bottom due to liner). We did this and it still didn’t clear up.
– We added sand to our filter to make sure it was cleaning properly.
– We replaced our pump.
– Used clarifier suggested by pool store.
– Chemical testing shows all levels ok with acid still a little high. We haven’t used the chlorine that was supposed to the be culprit to the high acid anymore.

Today water is still forming green algae quickly and is cloudy. Any suggestions? B-day party for child tomorrow and we need a quick fix! Tired of spending money on this pool!


The pH is probably contributing to or causing your cloudy water. The pH should be around 7.2 to 7.8 to allow all of the sediment to dissolve into the water and not be cloudy. Lower the pH and it should clear up. Also, if you are getting algae, you may not have enough chlorine or it is getting used up too quickly if you have not added any cyanuric acid back into the pool (you need some - at least 30 ppm). Then add chlorine shock to get the level up. You may also consider a weekly algaecide dose or phosphate remover to keep the algae out.