The pool at my apartment complex has black dots of mold growing on all the walls of the pool. The maintenance people seem to think that shocking the pool, throwing handfuls of chlorine in the pool. is all they need to keep the pool clean. Obviously that is not working. How dangerous is that mold or whatever it is growing on the pool? I have a 7 year old that LOVES to swim. I think I should keep him out. The pool is often cloudy and the filter isn’t running…am I over reacting?


You are not overreacting. The visual inspection of the swimming pool water is often very indicative of the overall water quality. Cloudy, moldy water is obviously not well balanced, regardless of whether or not chlorine is added. I would recommend that the mold problem be dealt with before swimming, unless very small pockets can be avoided all together. The filtration issue may be cause for the mold. Pockets of stagnant water may grow mold because the filter is not running and sanitized water is not coming in contact in that area. Not having filtration can lead to big problems. The pool may or may not be safe to swim in. One way to be sure is to test the chlorine and pH before letting your son swim. If they are both in range it is probably safe to swim (again once the mold is under control). Any time you experience irritation (eye, skin, etc.) it is probably time to get out.

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