Set up our first easy set pool (16′ x 42"). We struggled with clarity due to metal from well water. It was very cloudy (could hardly see the bottom) and greenish the second day. Got tired of trying to pull all the metal out, so emptied and refilled with water that ran through our water softener. Now with new water, it was beautiful the second night once completely filled and very clear. Now on day 3 it has a tinge of green, but still very clear. Should I shock, or add the metal magic? Don’t want to due the wrong thing, and cancel out the other product. Thank you!!


Since you filled with soft water, you may not have enough calcium in the water for the water to be balanced. If calcium is low your water will be aggressive and the green can be the dissolving of other substances in your pool that you do not want dissolved. Check the calcium hardness first, and adjust if necessary. How is the chlorine level? If ok, you may have the start of a metal problem from a small amount of metal that made it through the softner of cam from another source. Adding a metal remover is not going to hurt anything. If the chlorine is low or "0", then you will want to shock to make sure the green is not the start of an algae problem.