Refilled my concrete pool this year after touching up some of the paint, namely the steps. After opening, as expected, water is not holding any chlorine, which I know is because of the hose water not having any CYA. Followed Leslie Pools recommendation of adding 8 pound bucket of conditioner last night (dropped half the bucket at 7pm, second half at midnight). What is my next step? Do i get the water checked to measure the (hopefully) improved CYA level or do I shock with Power Powder Plus then get water checked? The directions on the conditioner make it sound like I should wait for 72 hours to do anything. That seems like way too long. help.


The cyanuric acid does take time to fully dissolve and show up in the water, but 72 hours is a bit excessive. Go ahead and add the shock as there would be cyanuric acid to protect it. Then it is always a good idea to test the water to make sure the adjustments were effective.