Our pool maintenance man pours 2.5kg powder in to our 17,000 swimming pool measure.
on the bottle it says to put in bucket mix 900grm then add in to pool.
It then strip out all Chl level, he also pours it directly in to the pool with out measuring. He has been doing this over the last month. He has not been telling me (swim Teacher in private schl)I’m then entering straight after he has addedthis in to the pool for 8/9 hrs at a time. I have got burns in & around my mouth in my lungs eye nose ect., I have been coughing up blood have LRTI with Pleurisy, do u think the chemicals added to the pool has caused his?


Have you tested the chlorine level to see just how high the level may be? Excessive chlorine levels (20 ppm +) can certainly lead to skin and eye irritation, and higher levels can cause the burns you are reporting, although not sure why they are specific to your mouth area. Do try to avoid having pool water in your mouth in general. Extremely high levels (generally not associated with swimming pools) have also been known to cause lung damage, which could play a factor in the other symptoms that you are experiencing. Test the water to see just how high the chlorine is since it appears to be overdosed regularly. You may need a high range chlorine test for this purpose as most pool and spa test kits max out at 10 to 20 ppm. Knowing the level, you should be able to research to find the common symptoms associated with that level of chlorine. Also, just to be clear, normal and recommended levels of chlorine would not cause the type of symptoms you are reporting.

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