. our filtration is broken and right now we cant afford to fix it but we are trying every step to maintain a clean pool and its not happening. my husband is a real estate broker who says one of the houses he sold had the same problem and the tenants just double chlorinated it to maintain its blue and it worked. i dont doubt this but at the point we are at its brown at the bottom green on the sides and filled with at least 1000 if not more tadpoles. i realize getting as many of the tadpoles out by way of skimmer but will adding muriatic acid to the water be enough to kill those that dont surface and if not what should we use ?


Are you still getting circulation without the filter operational? This is going to be the key to dispersing the chlorine throughout all the water and destroying the algae and other contaminants, including tadpoles. If you are not getting circulation, there will be "dead spots" where the algae will continue to bloom and the tadpoles can survive. Muriatic acid is only recommended to reduce the pH and alkalinity and would not necessarily kill the tadpoles nor other contaminants. Double chlorination will likely help, but be careful not to overdose to the point that it is unsafe to swim.