Opened gunite/white plaster 30K gal pool Sat May 26 and have had the pool since 1987. Have loop loc cover so it always takes 3-5 days to completely clear the swampy water with constant filter cleaning the first three days. Its nice and clear but not blue. Free and combined chlorine high which is fine with me right now because as the weather stays hot its hard to keep chlorine level up here in Virginia. I always have to shock it a lot the first two days to help clean it up. Should I just wait a few more days or shock it again? Its a blue green but not the color its supposed to be. thanks


It will take time to oxidize all the wastes in the water, and adding more chlorine now may be a waste. As long as the level stays up, I would wait for the chlorine to do its work. Some contaminants just take longet to remove and you should see continuous (although sometimes slow) improvement.