Okay I never had this problem before but my chlorine was not reading so I went to the pool store and had my water tested said the chlorine was not reading and my ph was high so they gave me stabilizer to put in and it made my pool cloudy and the chlorine read high but the next couple days cloudy pool still and no chlorine is reading again!!! I am so frustrated I am thinking of draining and refilling!!! There is no algae in it and I just filled it 6 days ago when I started having this problem the initial problem was the chlorine was not reading and at that time the pool was crystal clear!!! Now I have cloudy water and no chlorine reading after putting stabilizer in it with the shock!! I have a 17 ft wide by 48′ deep!! Can someone please give me some advise !!!!


It sounds like the chlorine is all combining with contaminants pretty quickly after being introduced to the water. You will need to add some more chlorine to raise the level and oxidize off all of the wastes. There are several reasons why you could see the chlorine go down so quickly - rain, heat, low water levels = more contaminants in fill water, heavy bather load, etc. Since you have at least already started to establish a breakpoint chlorine level, I would keep going otherwise you risk starting all over again with the exact same problem if the source water is the reason for the problems.