My pool water is cloudy we are converting to a salt water pool all the chemicals are balance but its really cloudy can not see the bottom of the pool. is this because of the salt that was dumped into it? I treated it as if it were a regular pool .. Then we hooked up the mechanism to convert it to salt // will this work?
Endless for over a week now I want to swim b for summer is out LOL!!!
Ty Janine


Salt is very soluble and dissolves pretty quickly, so I expect that the salt is not causing the problem. Your conversion plan sounds good assuming that you also added salt to get the salt level to the ideal level for the generator to create chlorine. Typically this is around 3,000 ppm (mg/L). You may also want to try a clarifier to help with the cleaning process. Last, make sure there are no filtration issues as this is often overlooked. Backwash and/or clean the filter so that it is running optimally in clearing up your water.