My pool stays crystal clear and I shock once a week but I used green to blue II instead of the bag of shock (they were in the same box) I never noticed until I started pouring it our in the pool. The contents of the bag were a reddish orange color. It clouded my pool and here it is a week later and my water is clear again but what I am guessing is algae is on the bottom of the pool and it’s the reddish brown color. I try to vacuum but any movement makes the algae spread and it clouds the pool again. Plus when I hook my vacuum up it takes forever to get a good suction and just by getting in the pool I stir it up.
How do I get rid of this stuff?


Use a good algaecide geared toward the type of algae you have. It may also be that you have some iron or rust sediment in the water that you would need to remove with a metal remover chemical, but because it is so easily stirred up I would lean toward algae. The right treatment should make it much easier to vacuum and filter.