My pool had a lot of algae when I removed the cover. I shocked it, put algae in, waited and then vacuumed. At this point I could see the bottom of the pool. When I put the algaecide in it foamed up on top of the water and I had to remove it with the pool net. It was disgusting. It was white with green algae in it. Since then I have had the water tested several times and it is always low on chlorine. My water continues to be "light aqua" color and not blue and I still can’t see the bottom of the pool. I took another sample to the city and had it tested today and it showed that everything was good but the chlorine. I was told today that my problem was the chlorine and to add a total of 10# in increments of 3# each for 2 days and 4# on day 3 and it should clear up.
If this the right


Unfortunately, this may be necessary due to the chlorine demand of the water due to the organics that were allowed to multiply over the course of the pool closure. This is why pool closing with proper levels established is so important.