my husband who never takes care of the pool got some really bad advise He put 2 quarts of foaming Algaside and 6 packages of 1lb shock into a 10,000 gal pool He never adjusted the PH never waited for the Chlorine level to come down do we have to drain the pool ???


You should not have to drain the pool. The algaecide should not be an issue. The chlorine will be your bigger concern. It should come down on its own, but could take a few days to do so. Wait until the level is below 10 ppm, preferably 3 to 5 ppm before you get back in the water. There is the extreme option of neutralizing the chlorine using a chlorine neutralizer (sodium thiosulfate) to lower the chlorine level more quickly. However, this is not a perfect option as it costs more money and can have an impact on the pH.