Like Jim (below) we operate a HOA pool with lots of kids. We require "Swim Diapers" for all who wear diapers. Sometimes there is a thought that there might have been an accident but there is no physical evidence. Some commercial companies advertise that they offer WATER SAFE BACTERIA TEST KITS that will show if there are bacteria or psuedomonas present in the pool water that would be harmful. Is this an acceptable way to know if we do/don’t have to go through the pool shutdown and sanitazation when there is no other evidence of contamination, just a suspecion?

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Although the rapid bacteria test may be helpful, most bacteria can be destroyed by chlorine very quickly. What a rapid bacteria test will not indicate is the presence of other potential contaminants like viruses and Protozoa that can be chlorine resistant. One such animal of great concern is cryptosporidium. It will not show up on the bacteria test but may still be present and can cause serious illness. So while a positive bacteria test might indicate such a contamination, a negative test does not necessarily mean it didn't happen.

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