Is it dangerous to add chlorine to a small pool (still) no filter connected, while children are swimming in the pool, I was present when this happened with the adult there stating that they mix the chlorine up with their movement (it seemed to to a christalized chlorine which he grabbed a handful and threw it in)this caused me concern, but as I have no experience with pools I would like to know if this is dangerous.


This is certainly not recommended and can be dangerous, especially considering there is no measuring going on there. You can add chlorine to a small pool like this, but it should be pre-dissolved, thoroughly mixed and ideally in the 1 to 4 or 5 ppm range before kids get in the water. Excessive chlorine levels can cause skin irritation, perhaps burns and the off-gas may even cause breathing difficulties. This is why chlorine is never added (even in very large pools) when swimmers are present in the water.

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