i’m new to the pool thing. just got a 12×30 pool what do i need to keep it going through the summer


The most important thing to keep your pool going is a sanitizer such as chlorine. A good sanitizer will prevent waterborne illness and keep the water clear and clean. It is also important to keep the pH balanced to protect the equipment and keep your swimmers comfortable (no skin and eye irritation). There are are other factors to consider as in the response below. Total alkalinity - This is the measure of the alkaline buffers in the water that prevent pH from fluctuating suddenly. Always check and adjust the alkalinity before you balance the pH. Cyanuric acid - Also known as stabilizer or conditioner, this chemical is important for outdoor pools that use chlorine. Cyanuric acid protects the chlorine from the sun's UV rays so that it lasts longer in your swimming pool. Last but not least, you should test your water twice a week to make sure your chemicals are properly balanced. Test strips are simple and easy to use for this purpose. When these parameters are not balanced, that is when problems occur.

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