I went out and tested my pool this morning and the PPH-7.8, Free Chilorine- 0.5, Alkalinty-180 and the stabilizer-0 I have Muriatic Acid will that bring my Alkalinty down and how much should I put in my pool? The kind of pool I have a 18’X48" easy-set-abouve-ground pool from Wal-Mart. The brand name is Intex. Can you Help me in lowering the Alkalinty with the Muriatic Acid that I have on hand?


You have about 7,500 to 8,000 gallons of water in your pool. To lower the alkalinity by 60 ppm you would need about 3 quarts of muriatic acid. However, check the dosage on the muriatic acid you have to confirm. Also, if your stabilizer is 0, you will want to add some cyanuric acid (stabilizer) before you add muriatic acid. Cyanuric acid is as described - an acid. Therefore, dose with cyanuric acid to get your stabilizer to 30 to 50 ppm and then retest your alkalinity to see how much is needed.