I swim at the local sports club. walking into the pool area, chlorine smell is overwhelming, I attribute it to "more is better than less"…yes?
My eyes get blood red, even though I do not open under water or reven put my head under.
Also, tried the Zacuzzi just once. It is set for 100 degrees and just getting near it, I could not catch my breathe or keep my eyes open.
Your thoughts please.
Thank you


If you can smell the strong chlorine odor there is not enough good free chlorine. Like bleach that has a VERY high free chlorine level compared to pool water yet smells fresh and clean. What you are smelling is chlorine that has been used up called combined chlorine or chloramines. This is responsible for the odor AND irritation and the only way to get rid of it is to add more free chlorine. There could also be a ventilation issue allowing the oxidized chloramines to linger causing some irritation. The hot tub sounds like a serious chloramines issue as well. Test the water yourself for at least free chlorine and pH and make the operator aware when you see levels outside the ideal range.

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