I recently purchased the Intex Krystal Clear saltwater system for my pool. I was under the understanding that I simply add the sufficient amount of salt to my pool after I fill it up, run the pump for 24 hrs to let it fully dissolve and then turn on the system every day for the suggested amount of time on the timer at night, no more chemicals, and a clean pool. 4 days into it I woke up to a very green pool. I was told to shock it and run the "boost" setting on the system. It worked. 3 days later green pool comes back, and I cant get rid of it with the shock or the boost, now I’m getting a insufficient salt level" alarm. I’m draining it now and cleaning my pool, lots of algae everywhere, and starting over. I have a couple of questions. 1st: what did I do wrong? 2nd: I keep reading online that you should shock your pool with your saltwater system 1 every 1-2 weeks, I thought with the salt system, it eliminates the need for chemicals?? Please help, thanks


Probably the one thing that you missed was the need to add cyanuric acid before starting the salt system. The cyanuric acid (also called stabilizer or conditioner) is like sunscreen for your chlorine. Without it your chlorine will dissipate very quickly in the sunlight. The higher the UV, the faster it dissipates. Therefore, when you start it up this time make sure you add a dose of cyanuric acid to protect the chlorine. Also, concerning shocking this is also important in the salt pools to assist in oxidation of wastes. You should shock it every other week or more if it is being used often, heavy rain, canine pool party (dog in the pool), etc.