I have intex 8ft by 30" easy set pool and last year it got very green from algae so this year im going to use chemicals and stuff to prevent it, but i have no idea what to do? the pool is a 2,419 Litres pool (639 gallons) and i want to use tablets in a dispenser but, 1, i dont have any idea what kind to get and 2, if i do use them how many would i need to put in a week? Another problem is would i need to do a shock to start with and would i need to use any other chemicals in conjunction with the tablets like algaecide and therefore how much do i use that a week? also i heard something about having the right ph level is important for the chemicals so could you tell what that level is and what it means? if it makes any difference i have a pool vacuum and filter and heater hocked up :/


First, the pH is very important for comfort (no itchy eyes, skin, etc) and for the effectiveness of your chlorine chemicals. The pH should be between 7.2 and 7.8 before you add any chlorine to the pool. You may want to keep an eye on your total alkalinity as this will prevent your pH from dropping or rising quickly. You can adjust pH with pH up and down chemicals depending on which way you need to go. Then a shock dose would be appropriate. There are several types of shock and the dosage varies based on the concentration of chlorine and the water volume, but the dosage should be listed on the back of any chemical containers. If not, check the website for dosage calculators as there are seveeral good ones. As far as the tablets go, this tends to be more trial and error based on the demand of the water, but again the packaging of the tablets should be able to get your close. This may sound complicated, but really is this simple - test the pH and free chlorine often and adjust when needed by adding more chlorine or adjusting the pH. You may also take a sample to your local pool store for a complete analysis (often performed free).