I have an above ground pool and i have only used chlorine tablets from wallmart, that i put in it, it has a pool pump, with a filter, but is there any other products i could buy that would help it to be clear, form rain and weather. i love swimming with my children , but i want it to be safe for my children and my dog who also loves to swim in it with all of us, any suggestions would be helpful please.

my email is thanks for my free pool kit,

shonda lee


Chlorine is certainly important, but sometimes tablets are not enough. Regular shock dosage can help to keep the water clear. Also, pH is very important in water clarity as well as for swimmer comfort and equipment protection. You may require a pH increaser or decreaser to balance this out. If the regular chemistry looks good (free chlorine, pH and Total Alkalinity) then a clarifier might help to improve the clarity of the water as well. There are several available, but you might have to visit a pool store to find one.

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