I have an above ground 18×48 Intex Pool. I use the Intex test strips that came with the pool and don’t know how to adjust the PH, alkalinity, free chlorine and copper levels when they or not in normal range. The instructions tell you how to read the strips but not what to do if the chemical levels are not correct My salt water pump does not show low salt or hi salt and the pool is clear, but the free chlorine registers low, the ph is a bright pink, which is to even a color on the strip and the alkalinity is high. Copper is usually in normal range or just a bit high. I have noticed a few tiny green spots forming on the side walls at top of water level.

If the levels are high, do I run the salt pump less? And if they are low, do I run it more? Or vice versa? I have a regular filter lump with the salt pump and was told when I purchased this combo that no other chemicals would be needed.

Any inputs on adjusting levels is appreciated. Thanks!


Unfortunately, running the salt system more or less only addresses the need for free chlorine in your salt system pool. The pH and total alkalinity, which both are significantly high, need to be adjusted with chemical dosage with an acid to lower both the pH and alkalinity. Sodium bisulfate is a dry acid that is commonly used (would be the active ingredient on the package). Follow manufacturer's instructions on dosage. The green spots can also be algae or metal stains. If your chlorine is low, algae can form so make sure your salt is in the right range by testing it to ensure that your generator is operating effeciently. If the salt level is low, it will not produce chlorine effectively, if at all. If the staining is from metals, a metal remover can remove the unwanted form of metals that have the potential for staining.