I have a very green pool.Its 16 x 32 approx 22k gallons. I have 2 big oaks in my backyard and leaves have been getting in the pool.When I get the leaves off the bottom of the pool, it is black and slimey.I have tried different things- balanced the ph to like 7.4, adding shock, etc. what can you suggest?


When leaves decompose in the pool for some time this is going to happen. The best scenario is to remove the leaves as quickly as possible. Leaves and other organic matter will dissolve in the pool water and become food for algae which then leads to the green pool you are reporting. You may want to try a phosphate removal chemical in order to keep phosphate levels low (food for algae) which may prevent your pool from turning green. Just know as more leaves set in the pool for some time, the higher the phosphate level will be, requiring more phosphate remover. Unfortunately, you still have to remove the leaves to prevent the dark slimey deposit they leave after decomposing a while. You might want to invest in an automatic cleaner which can run while you are away and remove leaves and other debris before they leave a deposit.

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