I have a painted inground pool living in Arizona the pool was clean an pressure wash a month ago filled with new water the right chemicals to start the pool off right no matter how much we put in still remains green dose this pool paint have anything do why it cannot become clear I about ready to have it chip out a put new plaster on it it"s seems when the cools down we don"t have this problem.


It may be related to the paint/refill. How is the free chlorine level? If this is good, and it does not appear to be algae (not cloudy, no particulate) it could be a recurring reaction from the paint or pool surface. More likely, it is related to the refill and the chlorine demand of fresh water and surface. If your free chlorine is not sufficient due to the demand of the water, you can keep getting a recurring algae. It can take more chlorine than normal because your pool is not preconditioned with chlorine and then more is needed to make an acceptable level. Also, did you add cyanuric acid (stabilizer) which helps to protect your chlorine in high sun UV conditions (probably pretty high right now).