I have a intex 10’x30" easy set pool and wasn’t sure how what size chlorine tab to use so i bought 3" but wasn’t sure if I also need a floater or if I need a smaller tab to put in filter. Also do I need to wait a period of time between chemical steps 1-4 or can I do them one right after another .


3" tabs are fine and obviously you will need fewer of those and it would be a good idea to have a floater in order to cut down on corrosive chemicals going directly into the filter/pump. The floater should also have an adjustment for water flow that will determine how quickly the tab dissolves. This will help to adjust the amount of chlorine going in and can be adjusted based on experience, use, etc. Concerning the next steps, it is usually a good idea to wait 2 to 4 hours between dosages of chemicals as certain chemicals will affect other parameters (i.e. chlorine addition can affect pH). Therefore give it some time, test and adjust accordingly for steps 1 - 4.