I have a 6,000 gallon pool with a small water feature installed in 1995. It uses a Aqua Rite chlorine generator and here lately the only way I can get it to make chlorine is to put it in the super chlorinate mode. I uderstand the cells onlt last 3-4 years, so I might be on borrowed time. Before I shell out the 400 pluse for a new cell are there any tests that can be done. Below are the numbers from the pool store and the unit itself.
Free Chlorine .2ppm
Total Chlorine .2ppm
Combined Chloring .2ppm
pH 8.2
Hardness 230 ppm
Alkalinity 95ppm
Cyanuric Acid 50ppm
Salt 3,300
Pool Temp 76
Cell Voltage 26
Cell Current 6.08
Desired Output 80 percent
Instant Salinity 3,100
Product Name AL-0
Software 1.40

Many thanks for the help/advice


Since the system is able to produce chlorine in the shock mode, that would suggest it is probably not the cell. However, it may be the sensor that tells the system when to produce chlorine. If this is not reading correctly, it may only produce chlorine in the shock mode since it not reading that it is necessary to produce chlorine otherwise.

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