I have a 21 x 41 oval above ground pool. I’ve had the pool since 2005 and live on a farm with well water. This year we let the pool go too long before starting it up and the pool was full of swamp water. For the frist time ever, i drained the pool to start over even though i know you should never drain a vinyl liner pool.The pool holds 21,000 gal. of water and it took 2 days to remove most of the water with only 4 inches of very bad swamp water remaining. Yesterday, i made the choice to leave the remaining 4 inches in the pool and start back with filling up the pool. While the water started running , icleaned the walls of the pool and fixed several holes throughout the pool( mostly caused by the pancake stairs we have) and continued on. After scrubbing the walls(which did not take long) I removed the top rail and hooked my shop vac up in-between the wall and the liner to suck up the air and tighten the line to the walls of the pool walls. This worked great and so far so good.I went out to the pool this morning and much to my surprize the pool was a little more than half full (about 11,000 gal.) and the liner was still firmly attached to the walls of the pool(fingers crossed, so far so good) with the shop vac still going. Now that my pool is almost full, and the water now a dark brown from the iron from the well and the left over swamp water in the bottom, my question is, what is the next step once the water reaches the skimmer line and i turn on the pump? Do i Shock the pool and then use the metal out or use the metal out and then shock? How much shock should i use for the frist time with the water conditions as they are? The bottle of metal out says it will treat 20,000 gal. Will this be enough? Would bleach be a good alt. for the frist time instead of shock? Looking for your help in Texas.


Use the metal out then shock. This will help avoid staining and pool discoloration as chlorine can further oxidize the metals making it more of an issue.