I HAVE A 18,000 GL. I/G pool, the filters been running for a week now and the pool is still cloudy, its been shocked, clarafied, clorinated and doesn’t seem to be clearing. The returns don’t seem to have hardly any pressure and even after backwashing and cleaning the filter, it goes to " lo flo" and after just opening there’s all muck on the bottom of the pool, that keeps coming back. what possible things could be wrong?


The issue here seems to be in the filtration/flow rate. If you are not getting enough flow in the returns, the water is not circulating enough to properly sanitize all areas of the pool and you likely have untreated "dead spots" allowing for organic growth, cloudy water, etc. There could be a number of reasons for your problem, but start with checking to make sure there are no cracks or leaks that would definitely reduce the flow. Also, check the pump filter basket to make sure there is no blockage. There could also be a problem with the pump requiring maintenance.