I have a 15×48 above ground pool.We let it set through the winter without a cover and it was full of leaves and green water.When we opened it this year we bought a sand filter as it seemed a good option to the paper cartriages.After lots of backwashes and chemicals we finally got it semi clean but weren’t satisfied so drained it completely.We also completely cleaned the sand.After the pool was full we enjoyed 2 days of clear water now it is cloudy again and is headed for green.I have the app on my phone to test with strips and it tells what to buy and add however the app keeps freezing and is worthless.I added three small clorinating tabs to the filter bucket and poured a jug of liquid clorinating stuff in. My husband bought a bag of D E filter media and wants to pour some in the pool.I’m trying to convince him this is a bad idea.Also the pool is in sun,we swim almost everyday how long should the filter run?


The DE is a bad idea unless you have a DE filter. The filter should probably run about 6 to 8 hours. You could run it longer in when bather load and heat levels rise. Test the chlorine to make sure that you are keeping up with demand as this may be the core of your problem. Also, if you are using old chlorine know that it will not be as effective as it looses effective concentration as it sits.