I have a 14′ by 48" Intex setup pool that is being used for the 2nd year. We noticed it was a little cloudy so after reading some of the hth products I selected the Green to Blue – it contacts package I and package II (with iodine colored powered – but it isn’t iodine, but I don’t have the package in front of me). It totally cleared the pool up and all the numbers are reading correctly. However, I’m supposed to vaccum up the debris left from the 2nd package but it is so fine it doesn’t ‘vaccum’ – it just keeps disbursing throughout the pool everytime I try to vaccum it (only using a vaccum setup w/a water hose).

Any thoughts on how I can get the debris out?? It looks dirty, but it isn’t!!! And again, ALL the numbers are coming back just fine…


Can you vacuum to waste so that the water and debris do not pass through the filter?