I have a 12’x30" (approx 1700 gal) Intex Metal Frame pool with a 1,000gal/hr filter and a Saltwater Chlorinator system connected. I was able to get the water balanced with the recommended amount of salt and processing time for us to use the first day, but now I’m having difficulties getting the water back to being balanced and maintained. I’ve added more water and I put the saltwater system on the Boost cycle overnight and my last readings are as follows: Copper 0.5, Free Chlorine 3, Ph 7.2, TA 120-240 (TA strip color was dark, but not as dark as the Very High reading). I purchased the saltwater system to avoid having to use chemicals, but that seems to be all people are saying online. What other options are there, given the small pool I have?


The results that you are reporting look pretty good, with the exception of the alkalinity being a little high. Is the water clear? If so, wait to make any alkalinity adjustments until it is more in line with the pH (i.e. both are high and acid reduces both). If the water is cloudy, you may need to adjust it down. Last, copper is a little high and could lead to cloudy water and staining. You may need to add a metal remover to clear some of that out. Target around 0.2 ppm or less copper.