i found glass in my pool last summer blue glass, looked in my neighbors yard that drinks a lot and is very mean to everyone and seen up by his back door a blue beer bottle that had been broken the same glass that we found in my pool, problem made a police report kept it ,never said a word,now it’s this year and we had a pool party 1st of the year,my grandaughter steped on something sharp she had goggles on went under and came up with the largest pice of thin clear glass,and then she found one more each 3 and 4 inches long,and it looks to be out of one of those cheap picture frames with cheap thin galss that type, intentionally thrown in my pool as soon as i opnmed it this year what do i do about clear glass and how do i get rid of it it is virtually like looking for a needle in a haystack, as far as the drunk mean neighbor i have to catch hime ist help may.


Getting the glass out of the pool may be difficult. There are inexpensive pool vacuum accessories designed to remove large debris that may be helpful. These will typically have a net to collect the debris. Keep a close eye on it while vacuuming and keep a spare net ($2-3 extra) on hand in case the glass rips the net.