I am struggling with what I think is algae. Pool is in the sun all the time with no cover (kids swim about every day)My PH is too high so i’ve added PH reducer and sometimes the Bromine (sp?) is low. Once the PH is ok the shock seems to work ok for a day or so then i’m back to adding PH reducer, shocking the pool etc. Is this to be expected? It’s about a 3500 gallon pool. I guess I expected to have to check the pool once a week not daily. I also have a floater with chlorine tabs. I want to buy whatever chemicals I need in bulk ( i’m guessing it will be more cost effective) and get on a good regiment, i’m just clueless when it comes to this stuff. Is there something better I can test the water with then the strips?


Since your pool has a tendancy for the pH to drift upwards, perhaps you should choose a sanitizer the will help to offset the pH drift. Trichlor for example is fairly acidic and therefore would lower the pH slightly with every addition. This could help the pH to stay in line instead of constantly drifting upward.