I am a CPO and have a 28000 gallon therapy pool kept at 92.5 degrees. My bromine level for the past three weeks is struggling to keep up. We are seeing a bather load of around 240 per week. I am using a non chlorinated shock every week to help manage the high volume. My ORP is reading appropriately, but it is almost as if something is blocking my bromine. We have auto feeders so the level is regulated. Anyone have any ideas why this may be happening? My Ph is 7.5 and my alkalinity is kept between 120 and 150.


How long has it been since the pool was drained or partially drained and refilled? It could be an issue with the TDS (total dissolved solids) keeping you from maintaining a good bromine level. You may also want to switch to a chlorinated shock until the bromine level goes up (the chlorine will convert bromide salts in the water to bromine anyway so you are not introducing chlorine) to the appropriate range.