How often am supposed to resurface the pool walls?

And my second question is How good the automatic vacuums are, can you recomend a specific one?

Thanks for your help


How often the pool needs resurfacing is really a function of how well your chemicals are maintained throughout the swim season. Aggressive water will deteriorate the surface more quickly. When the surface gets rough and uncomfortable to touch or if certain algaes become a recurring problem in the same areas, then it is time to resurface. The duration also depends on the type of surface . . . plaster, painted plaster, gunite, marbelite, etc. Automatic pool vacuums are also very effecient and do cut down on maintenance necessary to keep the pool clean. Some are better than others and often the price is reflective of this. I cannot recommend a specific brand but I would encourage you to do a little research to see if there are particular cleaners that get high ratings from other consumers, test panels, etc.

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