Hi, I have a 17k gallon in-ground fiberglass Sun pool. Salt Water, Blue. It has a heater. The pool is maintained by a pool service and chemicals are balanced perfectly. The surface of the pool is covered with a film that cannot be brushed off but easily comes off when wiped with your hand, or a cloth. The color is blue. At one time, I thought it was the gel coat, but there is no compromise with the coat’s shine when it is wiped off. At one time, I had the entire pool manually wiped off, and it was beautiful.. only for a few weeks. The manufacturer stated that the issue was a result of environment and chemical balance OR it was because of the pool heater. There is no bi-pass valve to prevent the water from circulating through the heater. I tried to the Metal Removers as well – and that did not work. Do you have any recommendations to remove and prevent this issue? I’ve had the pool for 4 seasons now, and this has been happening since year 1.


An automatic or robotic cleaner may be helpful to constantly brush the walls and floors for you. Additionally, you may try a phosphate remover to see if the substance is algae related (such as blue-green algae or slime). When there is no food in the water, there is no food for the algae to grow.