Hi I am trying to maintain my friends pool no charge twice a week and I do just about all I can from sweeping the walls to the floor and vacuuming and using the net for cleaning the cerface. its a 10,000 gal pool I just cleaned the big filter as well as the small one. I added the diotanatios earth for the big filter. Im using though’s chlorine tabs in the floting device i put four in there about once a week to try and keep the clorine level stable. And noticed now when I did these things to try and improve the algy build up in the pool and nothing works. Meanning now when i clean the algy builds up all over the floor and walls with in 5 hours and 24 hours everythings green again. I did the PH and CL reaIding on it and the PH level is 7.2 and the CL level is at 5 it says BR 10 on the reading witch I don’t even know what BR is But what does these readings tell you and how can I prevent this algy building up in the pool from appearing so fast. All we want is a clear pool and healthy. I hear it can stay clistal clear for over 6 months if taken care of correctly is that right? Am i doing anything right? i feel so stupid when i try and do everything right especially for a good friend and now the guy who use to come over and clean i now am taking his spot because the owner my freind can’t offord it and the man is a very good hearted man who deserves to have his pool cleaned twice a week. sorry for my spelling i never went to high school i tough’t myself to spell btw with the help of my wife.

Please help me anybody


With that pH and chlorine level you should be able to keep the algae out. Make sure that the filter is running properly and adjust the return jets to make sure that all of the water is being circulated. You may have a stagnant area where the algae starts. Have you noticed it starts in one particular area? Also, you may consider a weekly algaecide dosage to help keep algae out or a phosphate remover that takes food away from the algae.