Help?! I have 1 new 22x52in Intex pool with an upgraded sand filter. I brought a sample of water in today and was told basically I have no chlorine in the water….I used a full bottle of muriatic acid, ran the pump 4hr, than shocked it with 5lbs of shock and have the pump running over night. I had used something for algae awhile back, and have had a brown floating crud, that I am unable to get out with the net, I had to hand skim with a cup! It’s also on the bottom of the pool. My ex used to handle the pool….help! I can barely figure out the stupid vacumn…I guess I really have to read the manual…LOL! Is it safe to trust the local pool salesman? It seemed simple enough to bring in the water, and they spit out what you need. My main concern is how long after all that shock do I have to wait to swim. I put the shock in at 1:00am…tomorrow is 4th of July!


Keep going, it sounds like you are headed in the right direction. Your local pool store can be a wealth of information if they are experienced. Now that you have shocked it, typically wait 4 to 6 hours. It should be safe to swim now.