Hello, I live at an apt complex with 2 young children (both out of diapers)who love to swim. Been here for about 3 years. Never had concern with the pool until management changed about 6 mths ago. Pool has been shut down about 4 times within the last few weeks. My apt faces the pool so I see the color of water daily. Which is usually a light to dark green color. I have asked what is wrong with the pool but have been told that the pool is getting dirty because of other residents lack of care and heavy usage of the pool. Since I moved here there have always been a lot of ppl in the pool. Complex has another pool that is closer to management office that is usually clear and free of debris, with many users as well. Is this something that should be reported to health department or is there something more management should be doing?


Even with heavy bather loads and usage a swimming pool should be maintained to be clear and blue. If that is not happening and you are not getting a desired response from the pool management team then it may help to call the local health department to come in and provide some guidance (or close the pool).